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Last Updated: September 16, 2022
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Are you looking for generator wattage chart for common household appliances to calculate the wattage needs of your generator? Then your search is over since here you will find the most comprehensive collection of travel trailers, power tools, and RV accessories ever assembled.

What Size Generator Do I Need for My House?

What size generator do you need? Follow the following instructions to find out how many of your home’s electrical devices you can safely run off of a single portable generator:

  • Make a list of all the electronics in your home that you would like to keep running in the event of a power outage (listed below you can find estimates of the appliance wattages)
  • Make a table with the running and starting wattage needs from their name tags 
  • Then sum up all of the operating watts required to run your appliances.
  • Next, identify the appliances that requires the additional beginning watts.
  • Then, add this to your overall wattage while running.
  • Indicated by the final tally, this is the minimum number of beginning watts your generator must supply.

Here is an example of how to determine the wattage requirements

AppliancesRated WattsAdditional Starting Watts
22" LED Television17 W0 W
Refrigerator / Freezer700 W2,200 W
Laptop50 W0 W
LED Light Bulb (2)18 W0 W
12,000 BTU Window AC3,250 W9,750 W
SUM4,035 W18,500 W
TOTAL22,535 W

In the above illustration, we can see that the total running watts of our appliances comes to 4,035W.

In order to run all of these devices, though, we’d need a generator with a surge capacity of at least 18,500 watts.

Just remember that the wattage at which your home’s electric appliances operate may not be listed on their information labels. If that’s the case, you can use this calculation to get a rough idea of how many watts you’ll need to keep things running:

  • W (or kW) = V (volts) × A (amperes) (A)
  • Amperes (A) = Watts (W or kW) / Volts (V)

As a result, if you know the voltage and current requirements, you may calculate an approximation of the operating watts. Perhaps this equation, which illustrates Ohm’s law from your high school physics classes, can jog your memory.

There is an cheap equipment available called “load tester” that can help you figure out how many watts each of your appliances requires. You can skip all the complicated physics calculus and just grab one from Amazon.

If you want to know the exact wattage needs of each appliance or power equipment in your home, you’ll need to check them out one by one.

Here is a quick video how to measure the load of appliances

Keep in mind that these are simply approximations, and that in order to learn the exact figures, you need read the label on your particular products.

Our information comes from authoritative government portals, leading generator producers like Honda, Generac, and major retailers like Lowe’s, Sears, and Home Depot.

Household Appliances – Wattage Chart

Household AppliancesRunning WattsSurge Watts
Air Purifier25 W5 W
Amazon Echo3 W0 W
Amazon Echo Show2 W2 W
Apple TV3 W3 W
AV Receiver450 W0 W
Bathroom Towel Heater60 W90 W
Ceiling Fan60 W70 W
Cell Phone Battery Charger25 W0 W
Central AC (10,000 BTU)1,500 W4,500 W
Central AC (24,000 BTU)3,800 W11,400 W
Central AC (40,000 BTU)6,000 W6,700 W
Clock Radio50 - 200 W0 W
Clothes Dryer (Electric)5,400 W6,750 W
Clothes Dryer (Gas)700 W1,800 W
Computer Monitor25 W5 W
Copy Machine1,600 W0 W
Curling Iron1,500 W0 W
Dehumidifier240 W0 W
Desktop Computer100 W350 W
Electric Blanket200 W0 W
Electric Doorbell2 W0 W
Electric Heater2,000 W1,000 W
Electric Mower1,500 W0 W
Electric Shaver15 W20 W
Electric Shaver15 W5 W
Electric Thermal Radiator500 W0 W
Electric Trimmer300 W500 W
Electric Water Heater4,000 W0 W
EV Home Charger1,600 W1,800 W
Evaporative AC2,600 W0 W
Extractor Fan12 W0 W
Pedestal Fan50 W10 W
Table Fan10 W15 W
Fax60 - 80 W0 W
Furnace Fan Blower (0.5 HP)800 W2,350 W
Garage Door Opener (0.5 HP)875 W2,350 W
Hair Dryer1,250 W0 W
Heat Pump4,700 W4,500 W
Heated Bathroom Mirror50 W50 W
Home Internet Router5 W15 W
Home Phone3 W5 W
Home Sound System95 W0 W
Humidifier175 W0 W
Iron1,200 W0 W
Laptop50 W0 W
LED Light Bulb9 W0 W
Monitor200 - 250 W0 W
Night Light1 W0 W
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter7 W33 W
Paper Shredder200 W220 W
Playstation 485 W5 W
Power Shower7,500 W10,500 W
Inkjet Printer20 W10 W
Laser Printer600 W200 W
Projector220 W270 W
Scanner10 W18 W
Security System500 W0 W
Set Top Box27 W3 W
Sewing Machine70 W10 W
Space Heater1,800 W0 W
Steam Iron2,200 W300 W
Stereo450 W0 W
Straightening Iron75 W300 W
Sump Pump (1/2 HP)1,050 W2,150 W
Sump Pump (1/3 HP)800 W1,300 W
Tablet Charger10 W5 W
22" LED Television17 W0 W
49" LED Television85 W0 W
Television (CRT)500 W0 W
Two-Way Radio (12A)360 W0 W
Treadmill280 W900 W
Tube Light (1500mm)22 W0 W
Vacuum Cleaner200 W200 W
VCR / DVD Player100 W0 W
Video Game System40 W0 W
Washing Machine1,150 W2,250 W
Water Feature35 W0 W
Well Water Pump (1/2 HP)1,000 W2,100 W
10,000 BTU Window AC1,200 W3,600 W
12,000 BTU Window AC3,250 W9,750 W
Xbox One50 W60 W
Bathroom Towel Heater60 W90 W
Curling Iron1,500 W0 W
Electric Clothes Dryer5,400 W6,750 W
Electric Shaver15 W20 W
Electric Shaver15 W5 W
Extractor Fan12 W0 W
Hair Dryer1,250 W0 W
Heated Bathroom Mirror50 W50 W
Iron1,200 W0 W
Power Shower7,500 W10,500 W
Steam Iron2,200 W300 W
Straightening Iron75 W300 W
Vacuum Cleaner200 W200 W
Washing Machine1,150 W2,250 W

Power Tools – Wattage Chart

Power ToolsRunning WattsSurge Watts
10" Miter Saw1,800 W1,800 W
10" Table Saw1,800 W2,700 W
12” Chain Saw (1.5 HP)900 W0 W
Air Compressor (1/2 HP)1,000 W2,000 W
Air Compressor (2 HP)2,800 W7,700 W
Airless Sprayer (0.33 HP)600 W1,200 W
Belt Sander1,200 W2,400 W
Bench Grinder1,400 W2,500 W
Chain Saw 12” (1.5 HP)900 W0 W
Charger (Cordless Drill)70 W80 W
Circular Saw (7.25")1,400 W4,200 W
Concrete Vibrator (2.00 HP)1,800 W3,600 W
Cultivator (1/3 HP)700 W1,400 W
Disk Sander (9")1,200 W2,600 W
Drain Cleaner250 W0 W
Electric Drill600 W900 W
Electric Fence (25 Miles)250 W250 W
Electric Leaf Blower (Handheld)2,500 W0 W
Electric Mower1,500 W0 W
Electric Strimmer300 W500 W
Floodlight1,000 W0 W
Hammer Drill1,000 W3,000 W
Heater (Liquid Fuel 100,000 BTU)420 W1,260 W
Heater (Liquid Fuel 150,000 BTU)625 W1,875 W
Heater (Liquid Fuel 50,000 BTU)225 W675 W
Hedge Trimmer600 W450 W
High-Pressure Washer (1.00 HP)1,200 W3,600 W
Impact Wrench (1")1,200 W1,400 W
Jig Saw300 W300 W
Jointer/Planer1,800 W1,800 W
Milk Cooler1,100 W1,800 W
Milker / Vacuum Pump (2.00 HP)1,000 W2,300 W
Orbital Sander1,200 W2,600 W
Quartz Halogen Work Light (1000 W)1,000 W0 W
Quartz Halogen Work Light (300 W)300 W0 W
Quartz Halogen Work Light (500 W)500 W0 W
Radial Arm Saw2,000 W2,000 W
Rebar Cutter (1")2,800 W0 W
Reciprocating Saw960 W960 W
Sump Pump (1 HP / 115 V)1,440 W7,500 W
Sump Pump (1 HP / 230 V)715 W7,200 W
Weed Cutter600 W500 W
Welder (Electric)7,800 W0 W

RV & Camping Appliances – Wattage Chart

RV & Camping AppliancesRunning WattsSurge Watts
12 inch B&W TV30 W30 W
19 inch Color TV160 W160 W
27 inch Color TV500 W500 W
AM/FM Cassette10 W10 W
Blender350 W500 W
Blow Drier1,250 W1,250 W
DVD Player50 W200 W
Cell Phone Charger25 W0 W
Chest Freezer450 W900 W
Clock Radio100 W100 W
Clothes Washer1,150 W2,300 W
Coffee Maker800 W800 W
Corn Popper275 W275 W
Crockpot250 W250 W
Curling Iron800 W800 W
Deep Fryer1,200 W1,200 W
Dehumidifier785 W1250 W
Desktop Computer600 W800 W
Dorm Size Refrigerator350 W500 W
Electric Blanket80 W1,250 W
Electric Can Opener170 W0 W
Electric Fry Pan1,200 W1,200 W
Electric Grill1,650 W1,650 W
Electric Water Heater (6 Gallon)1,440 W1,440 W
Fan200 W200 W
Furnace Fan (0.3 HP)700 W1,400 W
Heating Pad250 W250 W
Hot Plate1,200 W1,725 W
Inflator Pump50 W150 W
Iron1,200 W1,200 W
Laptop50 W0 W
Light Bulbs75 W75 W
Microwave635 W800 W
Printer500 W500 W
Radio 2-Way360 W960 W
Rooftop AC (13,500 BTU)1,500 W1,000 W
Rooftop AC (15,000 BTU)2,000 W1,300 W
Satellite Dish & Receiver30 W250 W
Shaver35 W35 W
Slow Cooker170 W270 W
Space Heater1,800 W1,800 W
Stereo450 W450 W
Toaster850 - 1,250 W850 - 1,250 W
Toaster Oven1,200 W1,200 W
Vacuum1,100 W1,100 W
VCR100 W100 W
Waffle Iron1,200 W1,725 W

Refrigerators and Freezers – Wattage Chart

Refrigerators and FreezersRunning WattsStarting Watts
Refrigerator Showcase210 W525 W
Standard Mini Fridge75 watts300 watts
Side-by-Side Fridge792 W1980 W
Big Side-By-Side Fridge1,000 W5000 W
Mini Fridge85 - 100 W212-250 W
Smart Fridge250 - 500 W625-1250 W
Deep Freezer (Chest)350 - 500 W875-1250 W
Mini Freezer35 - 50 W87-125 W
Counter-Top Fridge160 W240 W
Under-Counter Refrigerator90 - 140 W210-350 W
Biggest Fridge1,500 W6,000 watts
Standard Energy Star Fridge192 W960 W
Big Mini Fridge100 watts400 watts
Small Mini Fridge50 W200 watts
Mini Glass Refrigerator140 W350 W
Old Fridge (1990-2000)200 - 800 W500-2000 W
Modern Fridge (2001-2020)100 - 400 W250-1000 W

Popup Camper Appliances – Wattage Chart

Popup Camper AppliancesStarting WattsRunning Watts
13,500 btu Air Conditioner2800-3000W1500-2000W
15,000 btu Air Conditioner3300-3500W1300-1800W
RV Fridge600W180W
Coffee Maker (4 cup)600W600W
Slow Cooker170-270W170-270W
Microwave (650W)1000W1000W
Electric Grill (Counter-top)1700W1700W
Small Flat TV120-200W120-200W
Small Tube TV300W300W
DVD Player350W350W
Satelite Receiver250W250W
Laptop Computer250W250W
Hair Dryer (1600W)1900W1800W
Radiant Heater1300W1300W
Portable Fan120W40W
LightsSee Light BulbSee Light Bulb

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