5 Best 3500 Watt Inverter Generators [Review 2022] – Quiet & Portable Inverter Generators for RV, Home & Camping

Last Updated: September 16, 2022
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3500 watt inverter generator

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Need an inverter generator to power some of the necessary items in your RV like the ac, refrigerator and other sensitive electronics or you just looking for a home backup with clean energy?

You can always buy a portable generator with extra power for your home or RV. However, only high-quality inverter generators will provide you with clean energy which will keep your devices safe.

Inverter generators, which are newer and more technologically advanced, are far more fuel-efficient. As a result, you will save money in the long run. Generators that operate on inverter technology Whether you’re using one at home or at a tailgate party, they give higher run times and efficiency as well as a lot quieter operation. Finally, inverter generators are usually a better value for money.

One of the most common reasons for buying a 3500 rated or starting watts (surge watt) inverter generator is to run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner. There are slew of other reasons why an inverter generator with this much wattage is in such high demand.

It’s a safe amount to have on hand in the event of a power outage, and it’s plenty for camping, tailgating, or your RV. Microprocessors are now found in even home appliances. You might wind up with thousands of dollars in damaged items if your electrical supply isn’t clean and free of harmonic distortion.

You might want to invest a bit extra and buy the best 3500-watt generators for long-term advantage. And, if you require more power, you can easily connect more in parallel. This capability is available on some of the models we looked at.

We’ve chosen 5 different models to review so you can figure out which brand is best for you. We’ve gone through the benefits and cons of gas, dual-fuel, and battery-powered generators so you can see what each has to offer and learn more about them.

So, what is the best 3500 watt inverter generator? Let’s find out.

5 Best 3500 Watt Inverter Generator – Quick Comparison


Model & Features


  • Strating Watts: 4500 W

  • Running Watts: 3500 W

  • Weight: 103 lb.

  • Fuel Tank: 2.3 Gallon

  • Runtime: Upto 14 hrs (gas) & 21 hrs (propane)

  • Strating Watts: 3500 W

  • Running Watts: 3000 W

  • Weight: 109.1 lbs.

  • Fuel Tank: 2.6 gal.

  • Runtime: Upto 14 hrs

  • Strating Watts: 4000 W

  • Running Watts: 3500 W

  • Weight: 96.8 lb.

  • Fuel Tank: 2.9 gal.

  • Runtime: Upto 17 hrs

  • Strating Watts: 4000 W

  • Running Watts: 3500 W

  • Weight: 66.1 lb.

  • Fuel Tank: 1.85 gal.

  • Runtime: Upto 7 hrs

  • Strating Watts: 4200 W

  • Running Watts: 3500 W

  • Weight: 80 lb.

  • Fuel Tank: 2.6 gal.

  • Runtime: Upto 18 hrs

Best 3500 Watt Inverter Generators – Detailed Review

1. Champion Power Equipment 4500/3500 Watt Inverter Generator Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable with Electric Start

Best 3500W Inverter Generator

Key Features

  • Electric Start
  • Dual Fuel
  • Quiet Operation: 61 dBA
  • Less than 3% THD
  • Lifetime Technical Support

The Champion 200991’s dual-fuel inverter technology allows for a 120V output and gives excellent power and adaptability. The unit has a running wattage of 3500 Watt and a starting wattage of 4500 Watt when powered by gasoline. It produces 3150 rated watts and 4500 starting watts when powered by propane. Furthermore, because it is parallel capable (ParaLink is not included), this power can be increased by twofold when attached to another comparable or compatible unit.

Photo: Joe McCarty

This champion 3500 watt inverter generator, which has a noise level of 61 decibels, may be started using a classic pull-start method as well as a simple and beautiful electric starter (battery is included).

The 212cc engine of this 4500/3500-watt inverter generator can run up to 14 hours on gasoline or up to 21 hours with a 20-pound propane tank.


  • Can also run-on propane, which, unlike gasoline, can be kept indefinitely without going bad.
  • Reduces engine rpms for lesser loads, saving energy and making the vehicle quieter.
  • Clean power that won’t damage your home electronics is provided by an inverter.
  • Customer service is quick to respond.
  • For a 3500 watt generator, it’s a small size that’s quite portable.
  • The generator includes with everything you’ll need to get started.
  • The engine is protected from damage by a low oil shutdown sensor.
  • The power outlets are shielded from the weather by being covered.
  • In cold conditions, Cold Start Technology allows for a speedy start.


  • No remote start.
  • It is heavy, but you can manage thanks to the built-in wheels.

2. Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500 Watt Inverter Generator Super Quiet Portable Gas Power Residential Home Use

Quietest 3500 Watt Inverter Generator

Key Features

  • 40% Quieter than Honda* 
  • 16% More Power than Honda
  • Digital Smart LCD
  • Durable Steel Enclosure
  • USB ports for charging
  • Electric start with power dial start/run/stop

The iQ3500 inverter generator is claimed by Generac to be 40% quieter than Honda. This is, nevertheless, in our opinion one of the best rated 3500 watt inverter generators on the market for roughly half the cost of a Honda or Yamaha.

Because the enclosure is composed of steel, it is built to last a long time. You have complete control over everything from wattage to run time to fuel level. The best feature is that it comes with USB ports. Simply plug in your cellphones and tablets, and they’ll be charged in no time.

It’s possible to connect two of these Generac models together if you need more than 3500 watts of power. It has a good battery so that the electric start feature can work.

Overall, if you want the best quiet 3500 watt inverter generator on a budget, the Generac iq3500 is for you.


  • One of the most silent inverter generators.
  • Speed controlling system.
  • Monitor status of output and run time.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • USB ports to charge your small devices.
  • Electric start as well as pull start.
  • Affordable, half the cost of some of the other generators in this market.


  • It is heavy with no wheels, making it less convenient for travel.

The Generac 7127 iQ3500 also has a 3500 watt open frame cousin Generac GP3500iO Inverter generator. The main difference between Generac GP3500iO and Generac 7127 iQ3500 is that the GP3500iO less bulky and much lighter but noisier than the iQ3500.

The GP3500iO and the iQ3500 are both Generac generators, they benefit from the same level of quality and attention to detail. These are some of the best inverter generators between 3000 and 3500 watts.

Generac IQ3500 vs GP3500io Inverter Generator

Because the Generac GP3500iO and the Generac iQ3500 both have a 3000W running wattage, they may both power the same appliances at the same time. Furthermore, because the two generators have the same 3500 starting watts, they will both provide the same boost to start your most demanding appliances’ motors.

The iQ3500 has a longer runtime on a full tank than the GP3500iO when filled to 25% of maximum capacity: it can run for up to 14.1 hours, whilst the GP3500iO can only run for 11 hours.

With a 0.18 GPH (gallon per hour) gasoline consumption at 25% load, the iQ3500 is more fuel efficient than GP3500iO’s 0.22 GPH. As a result, the Generac 7127 iq3500’s operation will be less expensive in terms of gasoline. These two inverter generators are among the most fuel-efficient and generators available.

Both generators have a low THD, making them ideal for powering your sensitive electronic devices safely. While both of these devices can be started using a traditional pullstart, the Generac iQ3500 has the added benefit of being able to start using an electric starter.

3. Champion 100573 4000/3500 Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter Generator with Wireless Remote Start

Best 3500 Watt Inverter Generator with Remote Start

Key Features

  • Wireless Remote Start
  • Quiet Technology: 64 dBA
  • Extended Run Time: Up to 17 hours
  • Optional Parallel Kit 
  • Advanced Open Frame Design

The Champion 100573 features a 224 cc Champion 4 stroke engine that runs on gasoline. It has a running wattage of 3500 watts and a peak wattage of 4000W with a 120V output.

The remote key fob on Champion’s 4000Watt RV Ready Digital Hybrid inverter features you to start and stop your generator from up to 80 feet away. this digital hybrid inverter includes sophisticated power features including extended run time, eco mode, and an optional parallel kit.

This inverter generator may be started using a conventional pull start or a simple electric starter, with a decibel level of 64 dBA. The 100573 may also be started remotely, which adds to its convenience (key fob).

The 100573’s 2.9-gallon fuel capacity allows it to run for up to 17 hours on a full tank. The fuel consumption is around 0.17 GPH. Sensitive electronics can be securely connected into AC outlets since the 100573 provides a clean sine wave with a <3% Total Harmonic Disruption (THD).


  • It’s quiet and lightweight.
  • It’s a very easy start from 80 feet away with remote start.
  • It’s economical and will run for 17 hours on 3.5 gallons of gas.
  • With its 8-inch wheels, though, it is easy to move around.
  • Has circuitry that delays power until the generator is up to full power which takes 20 seconds.
  • So, don’t have to unplug your RV from the power panel before starting.
  • Three-year factory warranty.


  • The generator does not have an hour meter.
  • After 12 hours of inactivity, the remote start will exit standby mode.

4. WEN GN400i RV Ready 4000/3500 Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator

Best 3500 Watt Inverter Generator for The Money

Key Features

  • RV ready TT-30R outlet
  • Eco-mode switch
  • THD <1.2%
  • EPA & CARB Compliant
  • Easy access to spark plug

Wen’s GN400i inverter generator has a peak power output of 4000W and a running power of 3500W. The WEN GN400i is one of the most affordable 3500 watt inverter generators, making it ideal for those who want more power than the 2000 watt and 3000 watt inverters can provide.

The inverter generator can be started using a typical pullstart method at a noise level of 67 dBA. The GN400i can run for roughly 7 hours at 50% load with a full tank thanks to its 1.85-gallon fuel capacity. The fuel consumption around 0.26 GPH.

Your sensitive electronics may be securely connected in the AC outlets owing to the GN400i’s clean sine wave, which has a Total Harmonic Disruption (THD) of <1.2%.

This generator combines the best of both worlds; high power and low price of an open frame inverter generator.


  • Open frame generator id much easier to work on.
  • Easy access to spark plug and oil change.
  • Included elevation kit and a handy funnel is a real plus.
  • Holds enough fuel to last 7-10 hrs.
  • Lift handles and pull around handle.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Tool kit included.
  • Eco switch, RV ready, instant off switch.


  • Although the ECO mode makes it a little quieter, it is not as quiet as stated.
  • A dim meter that is difficult to read.
  • Does not keep track of the number of hours accumulated.

5. Westinghouse iGen4200 4200/3500 Watt Inverter Generator

Best 3500 Watt Inverter Generator for RV

Key Features

  • RV-Ready TT-30R 30 Amp Outlet
  • Two USB Outlets
  • Less Than 3% THD
  • Up to 18 Hour Run Time
  • EPA and CARB Compliant

The Westinghouse iGen4200 is a small open frame inverter generator with a 3500 watt rated wattage and a 4200 W starting wattage.

The iGen4200 is aimed at the RV and camper market, according to the producers. This open frame generator has a clean look and a fully functional user interface panel. It features a 120V 30A outlet that you connect to your RV. The Westinghouse iGen4200 is perfect for RV and remote camping, as well as for usage at home. It will run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner along with sensitive electronics in your camper.

It’ll work on a boat with a 120V 30A outlet because it’s an inverter generator. It can be used to charge most electric cars (e.g. Tesla) in an emergency. You’ll need adapters and should start charging slowly. Then you ramp it up to the generator’s full capacity.

The iGen4200 generator from Westinghouse is a fuel-efficient machine. With a 25% load, it can run for up to 18 hours on 2.6 gallons of gasoline. The kilowatt-hour-per-gallon fuel consumption is good.

This inverter generator has a noise rating of 60 dBA and is started using a traditional pullstart method. It is quieter than a standard open frame generator, but not as good as a closed frame generator.


  • Solid well-constructed unit.
  • Fit for most home and camping needs.
  • Comes with everything needed other than fuel.
  • The front panel contains all of the necessary information.
  • Low oil shut down.
  • In terms of capacity and features, it’s a good deal.
  • Starts very easily with a moderate smooth pull.
  • Up to 18 hour of run time.


  • Does not have wheels.

3500-Watt Inverter Generators – Buying Guide

The following considerations will assist you in selecting the best 3500 watt generator. The idea is to purchase equipment that is worth your money.

Low THD output

Inverter generators have substantially lower THD than regular generators since the electricity to the control panel is regulated by the computer. Look for an inverter generator with THD at least <3%.


All of the above models are either has 3500 watt starting watt or surge watt. Models differ in terms of starting and running wattage. Find the sum wattage requirement of all the devices you need to power at the same time to obtain the best for your equipment.

In other words, the optimum inverter generator for you should be determined by your energy consumption. If your power needs are above 3500 watt then checkout our post on what is the highest watt inverter generator?

Run Time

For some people, a stable and convenient run time is desired. Longer runtime is ideal for people who are going camping. Some may use it as backup generator for homes in case of emergency. For those dual fuel generators is a must as propane last longer in storage. For longer runtime look for low GPH and Higher tank capacity models.


Having a very noisy generator would make it hard for you to get around, especially if you live in our neighborhood where noise, is a problem.

Furthermore, when you need to charge your vital electronics early in the morning, you don’t want to start a noisy machine. Go for a generator that has a decibels rate of 60-65.


If you want a portable inverter generator, you should search for features like a handle and a wheel kit. Of course, certain features are better suited to outdoor activities like camping. For the outdoorsmen, an inverter generator with a small and lightweight design is ideal.


It would be a tragedy if your brand-new generator failed after only a couple of usage. Make sure your 3500 watt inverter generator comes with a reasonable warranty to safeguard you from complications that might cause you to have a panic attack.

Fortunately, most of them come with a warranty of up to two years. It is best for you if you can find a longer timeframe. A business that can afford to provide you with a long warranty has a lot of confidence in their product, which is a good thing.

What Can a 3500 Watt Generator run?

So, what can you run with a 3500 watt generator? Depending on your starting watts you can easily run lights, sump pump, refrigerator, modem/router, fan and tv/DVD. Here is a appliance wattage chart from Lowes. You see that if you like to run all with you need 12000 watt surge watt and 5500 running watt inverter. So, make adjustment what you can run. Like you can easily run your RV Air Conditioner (13,500 BTU) with Television – 27″ same time as they have a continuous 1200 watt and 2700 surge watt requirement.

AM/FM Radio100
Box Fan100
Cell Phone Battery Charger25
Inflator Pump50150
RV Air Conditioner (13,500 BTU)7001500
Coffee Maker1000
Microwave – 1000 Watts1000
Sump Pump 1/2 HP10502150
Television – 27″500
Total= 11225


It’s crucial to note that the value provided by all of the 3500-watt generators we looked at is almost identical. Some may have a higher brand value, while others may have a few more features.

Your buying selection will be influenced by your budget. It’s always nice to have consumer friendly features, but all you need is a quiet 3500 watt generator that gets the job done.

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