Our Partners



ENDA – Environmental Development Action in the Third World, Senegal (see Senegal Profile)

The Energy Program of ENDA, an international NGO based in Dakar, Senegal, is targeted to a better technical, economic and socio-cultural understanding of the energy problem in African countries through a set of activities including design and implementation of energy information systems, energy planning, energy management, rational use of energy and, energy policy.




KITE – Kumasi Institute of Technology and Environment, Ghana (see Ghana Profile)

The Kumasi Institute of Technology and Environment (KITE) is a Ghanaian NGO committed to the development of technological capabilities for sustainable energy and industrial development, in harmony with the environment.



MFC –The Mali-Folkecenter,  Nyetaa Finances, Mali (see Mali Profile)

The Mali-Folkecenter (MFC) is a Malian NGO whose mission is to promote use of renewable energy and environmental saving technologies in Mali with special focus on the rural population.




TaTEDO – The Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organization, Tanzania

TaTEDO is a sustainable modern energy development NGO based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania with activities in ten (10) Regions, 27 Districts and 127 villages in Tanzania.  The organization has more than nineteen years experience actively involved in sustainable energy development projects and programmes in rural areas. It is also hosting and affiliated to several local and international sustainable energy development partners and networks.






CEEEZ –The Centre for Energy, Environment and Engineering,  Zambia

The Centre for Energy, Environment and Engineering (CEEEZ), is a Zambian non-governmental organization (NGO), which collaborates with Government and various institutions in the country and overseas in the fields of energy, environment and engineering.





UNEP – United Nations Environment Programme, Division Technology, Industry and Economics, Energy Branch





SIDA – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency