Sustainable Energy Enterprises Company (SEECO) sells improved energy-saving products such as charcoal stoves, charcoal ovens, wood fuel stoves, biogas, solar cookers, solar photovoltaic systems, solar lanterns, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), and other appliances and services in Tanzania. Services include construction of wood fuel stoves, baking training, marketing, installation, and servicing of Solar Home Systems (SHS), and after sale services. The company also offers business development support services to other entrepreneurs dealing with similar products. SEECO buys and resells SHS of various capacities, and also fabricates and sells solar phone chargers and solar driers.

SEECO stoves save customers charcoal and money, and promote both environmental conservation and poverty reduction. Stove types include institutional and household wood fuel stoves, household charcoal stoves, and improved charcoal baking ovens. SEECO aspires to be one Tanzania’s leaders in sustainable energy technologies.