Lessons Learned

Reasons behind SEECO’s success:  One of the major factors contributing to SEECO’s success is that the technologies that it produces and distributes are already familiar in the communities where they are sold.  Thus, there is no problem with the end-user adopting the technology, and customers are willing to spend money on the new stove.  

tansuccessSEECO has wide network of agents and distributors with a presence in Dar es Saalam, Shinyanga, Mwanza, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Tanga and Morogoro. Beyond selling products, these agents also have direct contact with customers and can communicate their feedback on existing products to management, signaling any change in preferences and demand.  The agents often also provide repair, maintenance and other after-sale services. 

This understanding of customer’s needs has been one of the elements of the company’s success.  For example, the company identified a demand for solar lighting products among its customers, and so added such products to their offer. SEECO now also sells solar lanterns and 5W solar systems for lighting. About 90% of their products come from Barefoot Lighting in Australia. These products provide savings on electricity bills, eyesight protection, improved livelihoods, and improvement in education, as children are able to learn after sunset.