Who is Involved

senegal2VEV’s main market is repairing wind pumps installed by LVIA, an Italian NGO. Thus far, LVIA has installed 130 wind pumps in Senegal. Recently, another international NGO, Alizés St. Louis, has begun installing wind pumps in Senegal and has contracted VEV for installation and follow-up repairs.

The communities ultimately drive demand, as they directly benefit from the water drawn by the wind pumps.  The water management structure is also very important.  If this structure does not effectively manage the community members’ funds, there will not be enough funds for repairs when needed. 

Both the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Energy have some impact on the enterprise, since they can encourage the adoption of wind pumps through the policies that they pass.  Up until now, the national government’s impact has been limited. National and Local state tax collectors, however, can potentially hurt business because their rates are too high for the enterprise to pay and still make a profit.

The company is quite small, with only three permanent and five temporary staff members. That said, almost every staff person interviewed listed the staff’s aptitude as one of the company’s top strengths. 

UNEP, ENDA and other investors have provided financial assistance, but none of the loans have been very large and most of the assistance has ended. There are currently no other investors.