AREED at The "UNEP South-South Cooperation Exchange Mechanism" (SSC)

The "UNEP South-South Cooperation Exchange Mechanism" (SSC)


The SSC was recently launched at the "Sustainable Energy for all" day event. The South-South Cooperation (SSC) is an essential crosscutting mechanism designed to enhance UNEP’s ability to deliver environmental capacity building and technology-support activities in developing countries and regions of the South.

The implementation of the SSC initiative is being carried out as part of the Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity Building, a UN-approved approach to assisting developing countries. The Bali Strategic Plan serves as an umbrella framework for “coherent, coordinated and effective delivery of environmental capacity-building and technical support activities” in response to well-defined country priorities and needs. 

The SSC case database contains case studies and stories from around the world on South-South initiatives specifically related to the environment and on Sustainable development. The cases have been submitted by partners from UN agencies, NGOs, and other participating organisations. 

This site is intended to compile and present project cases with South-South Cooperation components and relevance to UNEP’s mission. Each case study is categorized by its implementing partners and technology areas. There is a project summary for each project with lessons learned and contacts. Distilled lists of lessons and contacts are also provided under the appropriate tabs.