MEC Le SINE Project

  • Name of the structure: MEC LE SINE
  • Name of the project: Solar electrification of the rural community of Mbellacadiao
  • Legal Recognition: FK-1 050043
  • Number of members or shareholders:1681

MECIF Project

  • Name of the structure : MEC Immébir of Foundiougne (MECIF)
  • Name of the project Project: Clean Energy Technologies for women entrepreneurship development in Senegalese rural areas:
  • Legal Recognition : FK-1-03-00-345
  • Number of members or shareholders : 1752
  • Project Profile Amount of financing: 83 333 $
  • Rate of interest : 8%
  • Duration: 3 years (09/10/2010 – 08 /10/2013)
  • Equipment : Improved ovens
  • Activity: fish smoking
  • Area of intervention: Fatick region (Saloum islands) Villages : Bassoul, Thialane, Djirnda, Félir, Diamniadio

AREED fact sheet

The African Rural Energy Enterprise Development (AREED) programme was founded on the idea that impoverished people can transform their lives and break out of the vicious circle of poverty when they are empowered by clean energy services delivered by small and medium enterprises.

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Areed 2012 activities report

African Rural Energy Enterprise Development (AREED II)Mobilizing MicroFinance Institutions for Energy Equipment End-User Finance Program

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AREED at The "UNEP South-South Cooperation Exchange Mechanism" (SSC)

The "UNEP South-South Cooperation Exchange Mechanism" (SSC)


The SSC was recently launched at the "Sustainable Energy for all" day event. The South-South Cooperation (SSC) is an essential crosscutting mechanism designed to enhance UNEP’s ability to deliver environmental capacity building and technology-support activities in developing countries and regions of the South.