Profile Mali

maliSodigaz is a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) company in Mali. The company sells cylinders of LPG for domestic use, which are primarily used by women for household cooking needs.  Traditionally, cookstoves are fueled with charcoal or wood, contributing to deforestation, a major issue in Mali.  Charcoal also emits CO2 and pollutants that are harmful to both the environment and human health.  Cooking with LPG not only curbs deforestation, but also emits substantially less toxins and provides considerable energy savings.

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Profile Ghana

ghanaToyola is a successful cook stove company in Ghana that has supplied over 50,000 households with fuel-efficient stoves and created some 200 jobs. While the traditional cook stove is made out of metal, Toyola added a clay core that improves the stove’s energy-efficiency, thus requiring less charcoal to produce the same amount of heat.  Less charcoal means reduced deforestation and carbon emissions, as well as better indoor air quality and lower cost for consumers.  The company now also sells solar lanterns and small solar energy systems.

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Profile Senegal

senegalVent et Eau pour la Vie, VEV, is an enterprise that repairs and installs wind-powered water pumps in Senegal.  When VEV approached AREED, two issues were making it difficult for the company to repair pumps quickly.  First, there was not enough capital to keep an adequate inventory of parts, so there were often delays while VEV waited for imported parts to arrive.  Secondly, since the company only had one vehicle, when that one was out on a repair job, other jobs would have to wait until the vehicle returned. 

AREED provided a loan so that VEV could purchase both stock and a second vehicle, making it possible for the company to repair pumps rapidly and take on more customers.

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