Lessons Learned



  • Identifying the right business idea and entrepreneur to support is critical for success.  Capacity (skills and logistic resources) of a local country organization to do this is paramount.
  • Identifying and engaging a local bank and microfinance institutions (MFI’s) suitable for financing AREED enterprises is key to success.
  • High quality business development services and basic guidelines or toolkits must be delivered to selected entrepreneurs before, during and for several months after investment.
  • Government intervention and support is necessary to enable the policy environment and open avenues for creating/expanding markets for the selected clean energy enterprises. Government support is key in identifying and removing barriers to energy enterprise development and growth.
  • Linkage, networking and donor coordination is relevant throughout all phases of the  project/program design cycle to build synergies, profit from complementarities and  avoid conflicts.
  • An effective and efficient mechanism for monitoring and evaluating enterprise performance needs to be put in place, continuously and periodically feeding back lessons learned into progressive improvements in tools and services rendered to entrepreneurs.
  • In addition to the entrepreneurs telling their own story and ‘word of mouth marketing“ to facilitate replication and scale up of the model, it is key for the project team to systematically disseminate credible enterprise performance data and development impacts to governments, financial institutions, donors and the general public in the country.