AREED Organisation

The first phase of AREED was designed and initiated by UNEP in cooperation with UNF, E+CO, the UNEP Risø Centre (URC) and African partners. The programme is currently implemented by UNEP, African partners and local finance institutions in communication with UNEP’s Regional Office for Africa. 

During AREED’s first phase, E+Co led the implementation of enterprise development activities as the manager of the AREED I Investment Fund, and so E+Co held fiduciary responsibility for the early stage financing facility through their regional offices in West and Southern Africa. This role has changed in AREED II where local banks and rural microfinance institutions are being engaged to leverage funds, co-finance enterprise development activities and to provide end-user financing. 

AREED  partner organizations, who are responsible for AREED activities locally, are ENDA-Senegal, Mali Folkecenter-Mali, KITE-Ghana, CEEEZ-Zambia and TaTEDO-Tanzania